A day at the speedway

Here are some photos from the 5K event at the Charlotte Motor Speedway last Saturday. The facility is HUGE!!! -- with the NASCAR track, a couple of dragstrips, a dirt track, and facilities for various events happening throughout the year. Up above is the entrance to the "ZMax" dragstrip area and below, a view of what's on the inside.

Our 5K started here, so we got to walk/run on one of the actual dragstrips, then we walked around the back of the building, went through a tunnel, over a pedestrian bridge, and another larger tunnel to the inside of Super Speedway. Here's what it looks like:

We all successfully finished the 5K even though it was very cold that day. Fortunately, as part of our 5K entry fee, we got to see the Christmas lights show for free that evening. I'm glad we went, but since I'm not into auto racing it's probably not a place I'll visit often. Unless it's for the Richard Petty Driving Experience -- heheh. After all, you never know with me. :-)

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