Divan Yolu in the rain

It rained in Istanbul this morning, but S & I went for a walk anyway. As usual the tourist area was very crowded, so we decided to expand our horizons and walk to an area just beyond, on a street called Divan Yolu. I'm so glad we did because a whole new world opened up to us! We found REAL Turkish food, pastries, and shops -- not just tourist stuff!

Baklava, anyone? :) You can get four pieces for about US $2.65-2.85.

While we were walking, I saw a woman with a Starbucks cup so I asked her where Starbucks was. OK, this is really kind of a joke with me, because when I was doing a lot of international travel back in 2007-2009 I collected Starbucks city mugs as my souvenir. Anyway, the woman laughed (she was a tourist too) and said: "You are saved!" and told us to keep walking as it was just a little further down the street. We went to the Starbucks, but ironically didn't buy anything because by that time we'd already had our morning coffee.

And I didn't buy a mug because these are a different (newer) style than the ones I collected.

More later from rainy Istanbul! :)


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