Rooftop views

Just learned this morning that our hotel has a place on the roof where you can go have coffee or tea or whatever. Here are some photos I took from up there. The first one shows the Sea of Marmara and the Asian side of Istanbul (so far we've only been on the European side).

Turning 180 degrees you can see the top of Sultanahmet Camii (Blue Mosque). And a kamikaze bird. And a lady on the other roof who looks like she is extremely concerned about something - possibly the kamikaze bird.

From another angle, you can see the street below. This is a typical street in this neighborhood and as you can see the sidewalks are, um, limited. So much for being able to go for a run here, eh?!!! By the way, this is a cobblestone street. It's also supposed to be one way -- but isn't always. You really have to pay attention!

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