Turkish food

I know that some of my readers are interested in food, so while we were in Turkey, I took some food photos. This entry is for educational purposes only! (Meaning: Mom, if you're reading this, it's not another example of me being a food addict! I promise!)

Above: Kofte (meatballs) with potatoes, rice, and grilled pepper and tomato. This is one of the more typical dishes that we saw in Istanbul. The potatoes are in a tomato sauce.

Below: the Meza appetizer platter . . . one of my favorites. Stuffed pepper, eggplant, hummus, potatoes, stuffed grape leaves, and some other stuff.

Next: Turkish pizza! The crust is pita.

Speaking of bread, I loved seeing these displays at some of the restaurants. I've never seen bread this big!!!

I also had the most delicious lentil soup ever in Istanbul. Again, notice the yummy bread. Yes, I'll admit it. I ate lots of carbs on this trip and OK, I gained four pounds. But it was my vacation, ya know?

Pomegranates for making juice . . . And döner kebaps (shawarma) -- big hunks of chicken and lamb cooked on a spit and shaved thin.

Here's a shot of one of the many juice carts in Istanbul. There's nothing like fresh pomegranate juice. I could drink it every day!

I'll admit it . . . My favorite thing of all was the baklava and other sweets! :)

The thing I'm going to miss most is the apple tea. True, it's not a tea in the real sense, and it tastes a lot like powdered apple cider. But it's good.

Well, folks, that's the last of the blog entries on Turkey. I hope you've enjoyed them. Now that we're back home, we need to get back with the program. You know what that means! No more carbs for a while! And no more food photos - at least until the next vacation! :)

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