Alberta clipper

As I write this blog entry, it's -4 degrees Fahrenheit here in Indianapolis, with a wind chill of -23 degrees. Yep, those are minus signs before those numbers (Celsius equivalents are -20 and -31, respectively.) Think that's cold? Just wait until tomorrow morning! They're telling us it will be -10F (-23C) at 7:00AM! It was colder in Indianapolis today than it was in Fairbanks, Alaska, where currently it's a balmy 26F (that's degrees above zero) under a wind advisory. WTF?

It's called an Alberta Clipper . . . or Saskatchewan Screamer . . . or Manitoba Mauler, depending on from which Canadian province the cold air originates. The typical trajectory of this weather phenomenon usually takes it to New England, but this time it decided to visit Indianapolis. It hasn't been this cold here since the last one visited five years ago (it was -20F then, so I guess we really can't complain.)

It's so cold, your nose hairs freeze when you breathe.
Life really slows down when it gets like this. We go from garage to garage (from home to work) and don't mess around. At home, we basically hibernate. Life is not particularly exciting. OK, so tonight is Grissom's last night on CSI, and everyone else here but me is watching. I'm hibernating.

The good news is that by Saturday, temperatures should be close to normal again. Maybe by then, I'll have something more interesting to blog about.

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