Snow Day

The Circle City got dumped on Tuesday night and into the day on Wednesday. In total, we had about 13 inches of the white stuff at our place. Those of you on Facebook probably already saw the little photo journal I put up Wednesday night (those of you not on Facebook - should be! It's where the action is! LOL!)

See the "trails" in the photo above? They were made by snowshoes. I hadn't been on my snowshoes in a while - there really hasn't been that much snow here in several years - so I'd almost forgotten about them. But when I saw the depth of the snow, I had this urge to get out there. So we did! We walked around the pond, making deep trails on the freshly fallen snow. It was like working out on an elliptical machine, and we have the sore muscles to prove it.

Anyway, Wednesday was a snow day in all kinds of ways . . . the schools were closed (that rarely happens in Indianapolis), and the roads were really bad. We're pretty far out in Marion County (just a short distance from the next county to the east) and have found that we are not very high on the priority list for snow removal. But that's OK. At least we have snowshoes!

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