Achy breaky everything

Has anyone noticed that the older you get, the more you have little aches and pains? I started noticing it a couple of years ago. First, my feet were sore all the time. Then I started having neck and shoulder pains, and soon found out that I had a herniated cervical disc. Well, now it seems as if I hurt all over, and it sucks!

S thinks that I need to get off the computer (see yesterday's entry!) and go for a walk or something. In fact, she's trying to convince me to start some sort of training program. This is all my dentist's fault, and next time I go in for a check-up I'm going to have it out with her. Yes, there is a story here that I'm withholding . . . for now. Let's just say that I'm considering names for a new blog about this alleged supposed training program that may or may not start soon. Here are the possibilities so far:

  • Mariandy's Boot Camp Blues
  • Mariandy Kickin' and Screamin'
  • Mariandy Dies and Goes to Hell
  • Mariandy: The Biggest Schmoozer
  • Mariandy's Journey to the Center of the Girth

As you can tell, I'm still thinking about it. But I'm open to suggestions. Any ideas?

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