Hot fun in the summertime

It was HOT on this first day of summer (and Father's Day) . . . despite that, we headed over to Lebanon, Indiana for our very first Slow Food Indy event. The "Father's Day Hoedown and Throwdown" was held on the grounds of Skillington Farms. We were given a tour of the chicken operations by owner Stan Skillington, who provided lots of information on how the chickens are grown "naturally" and how this is different than factory farming. It was really cool to see the baby chicks, and other chickens at various stages (some were three weeks old, and others six and nine weeks old). I was also fascinated with the portable hen house that gets moved to a new location every night so the chickens can eat fresh grass and bugs (their natural diet). 

After the tour, we ate fresh fried chicken (of course!) that had been cooked in cast iron pots on a charcoal grill . . . OMG, it was the best fried chicken ever. The "Throwdown" part of the day was a side dish contest (I didn't enter and it's a good thing, because I would have been competing with actual chefs from restaurants like R Bistro.) There were some really excellent dishes . . . including an "Indiana grits" polenta that was out of this world. And desserts, too, like a strawberry cream cheese cake that was to die for

The "Hoedown" involved bluegrass music. I'm kicking myself for not remembering the name of this local band, because they were really good! Yes, you read me right, I just wrote that I enjoyed some bluegrass music today! Actually, I like bluegrass music - sometimes. OK, I feel better, that being out of the closet. :-)

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