All hands on deck - part 1

We're having a deck installed . . . this is what it looks like as of yesterday. I thought it would only take about 4-5 days, but the guys have been working on it for over a week now! Turns out, there was a huge underground tree stump they had to deal with. Anyway, let's hope it will be finished in a few more days. Here's another view . . . 

. . . and another:

We're using mostly ChoiceDek, which is made from recovered wood fiber and recycled plastics - so it's a "green" choice. The ChoiceDek color is Redwood. Hopefully it will look good with our brick.

I can hardly wait for the deck to be finished. I can easily picture myself out here, cooking up something tasty on the grill, while looking out over the backyard and pond. Someday there will be a nice patio set out here, too - and when friends LIKE YOU come over and the weather is nice, we can hang out on the deck!

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