Out of the closet

For those of you who think my life is super-exciting now that I'm not working, I'd like to make you feel a little better. I spent most of Day 2 of My Unemployed Life . . . cleaning out closets.

I started with the Linen closet, which is on the other side of the house - the side where S's Mom stayed for two years, before she moved out last November. I took everything (and I do mean everything) out of the linen closet, and then I took a sort of inventory. The result was quite shocking: we had about 10 sets of towels in six different colors, at least seven sets of sheets, and perhaps a thousand blankets in various conditions from brand new to mostly shredded. And those were just the linens . . . in the Linen closet.

The home improvement TV shows on the topic of "Organizing 101" -- you've seen 'em -- suggest dividing things up into piles: Keep, Toss, and Donate. So this is what I did. I only kept two sets of towels. The jury's still out on the sheets. Most, though, will go into the Donate pile with the towels.

A few other things I found in the linen closet:
  • 1 chew-bone (I'm assuming this belongs to one of the doggies? I hope so, anyway.)
  • 1 dime (for my friends outside the USA, that's a ten-cent coin).
  • 2 unopened packs of energy efficient light bulbs, and assorted sizes of light bulbs loose in a box.
  • About two million bars of Dove soap -- you know, the Sam's Club special.
  • 1 Ladies' Size 8 Naturalizer sandal. I'm assuming this belongs to S's Mom, but no idea where the other one is.
  • An attachment for the Dyson vacuum cleaner that went AWOL about three years ago.
  • Several containers of cleaning products, some opened but most unopened and still sealed.
When I finished the Linen closet, I moved to the Master Suite closet, where I found another chew-bone and three more dimes. A few hours later, I had two gigantic plastic bags full of clothes and shoes to be donated. (Despite what anyone may tell you, yes, it is indeed possible for a woman to have too many pairs of shoes.)

So this is how I spent my day. Admittedly, I would rather be sitting on the sofa catching up on Season 2 of True Blood "On Demand" and playing Farkle, Bejeweled Blitz, and Sorority Life on Facebook -- which is what I did on Day 1 of My Unemployed Life. But there are more closets to clean, and probably more bones and dimes to find. Therefore, I'll be doing more of the same tomorrow.

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