My work team had an offsite meeting recently and when we took a break, I turned around and saw an amazing view of uptown Charlotte. (Look between the middle columns to see what I mean.) I'm sorry that my iPhone camera can't capture what I saw with my own eyes, but at least you can get an idea. When I walked closer to the edge of the building, I was able to get the shot below of the skyline. The distance between where I'm standing and uptown is approximately 6 miles.

I'm really looking forward to a nice "Carolina blue sky" day (not overcast, like it was on this day) when I have the time to go uptown to take some photos. Not yet sure when that will be. Could be winter by then!

P.S. A follow-up to the recent DMV blog entry: it took only 8 days before my NC drivers' license arrived in the mail. I guess that's not so bad, all things considered. :-)

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