Work sweet work

So here it is, the photo you've been waiting for . . . the place where I spend approximately 40 hours per week . . . my new work home. It's too bad that my camera can't capture the vastness of the campus because this building is actually quite large. This is just the front. You should see how far it goes back! And this is just one building. There are a couple of others.

In a lot of ways, my building is similar to the last place I worked. The, um, d├ęcor reminds me a lot of Building 22 before the upgrade (in other words, it's cube city, with industrial lighting and lots of grey shades. Very stimulating--Not!) My main complaints with my new work home are: 1) There's no coffee shop anywhere on the property; and 2) We don't have a parking garage. I've gotten used to the former (thankfully there's a Caribou just around the corner). But the latter sucks, especially when it's super hot out or when it's raining.

One thing that's taking some getting used to is the number of 18-wheelers in the area. We have a distribution center here, and a huge fleet. Trucks are always coming and going. It's fun to watch. Makes me feel like a little kid playing with my Matchbox City -- only the toys are a lot bigger and I can't actually play with them.

I'd like to tell you more, but I need to save something for another time. Maybe someday soon, I'll share a photo of my cube! Here's a hint: it's pretty boring, because since I was a mobile worker for a couple of years before taking this job, I just can't get into decorating it or keeping too much stuff around. I'm not so sure I'll ever get used to working in a cube -- ever again. :-)

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