At the office

For you Inquiring Minds - you know who you are! - meet my office desk. My desk is usually clean despite the dust. I don't have many personal items - just a Vienna calendar (sent to me by friends E&B at the beginning of this year); headphones for my iPhone; and a certificate I earned in a recent work meeting (I received the very prestigious and highly sought-after Boomerang Award, for traveling around the world just to come back home to North Carolina.)

It's not that I dislike personal stuff at my desk. I'm just not used to having a desk. Yet. After all, I was what they call a "mobile" worker for nearly three years in my previous job. At first, sitting here felt so cramped. I felt claustrophobic. But I'm over that now.

So it's probably only a matter of time before I have more personal junk on my desk. I guess then I'll have to take another photo, and write a Before and After blog entry. :-)

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