Farmhouse project #1

We built a deck on the farmhouse this weekend. OK, maybe it's not 100% complete yet, but . . . it's almost finished. Won't take much longer now.

First, you need to see what it looked like in the beginning. Here's my first photo, after we'd removed the cement stepping stones. As you can see, this wasn't the most attractive or functional back door entryway . . .

We spent most of Saturday removing the existing stairs, placing the foundation blocks, and measuring. By mid-day, we had something like this:

Doesn't look like much yet, huh? That's because we measured. And measured. And MEASURED. And the math kept coming out wrong. The boards were level, and all boards were the same size. So WHY weren't the diagonals matching? It was a mystery. Finally, we squared up the corners. And we realized our deck wasn't the problem. The wall of the house is crooked! So it's not just the floors. Hmmm.

I should mention that those concrete foundation blocks are very, VERY heavy!!! I should know; I moved them about a hundred times each. Or so it seemed. (My arm muscles, pecs, and hamstrings are killing me today.)

The work continued on Sunday until it was time to go back to Charlotte. I'll do another entry of the finished project.

Not bad for two days' work. Just one of many examples of what chicks with power tools can do. :-)

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