Scenes from McAlpine Creek Park

A few weekends ago, I got up extra early for a Saturday and headed over to McAlpine Creek Park to participate in a 5K. I arrived ahead of the crowd, so I had the chance to take a look around before the event started. This is an awesome park, and it connects to the Charlotte Greenway System.  (Note to my Indy friends: the Greenway is kinda like the rail trail system there, e.g., The Monon.)

The trail is clearly marked for a 5K, so even if you're not in an organized event, you can easily measure your distance. About two-thirds of the 5K is in the woods, so there's plenty of shade for these hot North Carolina summers. Most of the trail is flat, but there's at least one hill that got my heart rate up when I climbed it. You have to sort of double-back a bit and walk around the lake to get the full 5K in, but it's such a pretty walk, es no problema.

I can't wait to come back here, especially in another month or so when the leaves start turning. Stay tuned as I'm sure I'll be writing about this place again soon!

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