Squash blossoms

Pretty yellow squash blossoms
Squash grows really well on the farm. Mom & Dad typically grow summer squash, most notably yellow and pattypan, and zucchini. Because of the long growing season here, they can plant it in spring to harvest in summer, and they can also plant in August for a fall harvest.

Baby butternut squash.

During my 14 years in Indiana, I developed an appreciation for winter squash. A few years ago, I gave Mom & Dad some seeds for sunburst, butternut, and spaghetti squash. They grew like crazy!

This yellow squash is *almost* ready.
This might surprise you, but there are male and female squash blossoms. Squash result only when bees or whatever come along and cross-pollinate. This may explain why single squash plants (or those spaced widely apart) don't always produce veggies, while those close together often proliferate. My Mom told me that - isn't it interesting?!!

Got any good squash recipes? Send 'em my way. There's been a whole lotta pollinating going on and we're soon gonna have a boatload of squash!

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