Don't let the screen door hit you

2009 started out with such promise. I was back home again, with only a few more trips planned for work. In February, I spent three weeks in cold, rainy Belgium and took a quick trip over to Vienna. In June, I spent a week in Toronto. Personal travel was limited this year: We went to Alabama in January; North Carolina and Virginia in August; and back to North Carolina for Christmas. Quite disappointing after 2008's 100,000 miles. Yet maybe it was time to stay home for a while? There's a season for everything, right?

Thanks to staying at home, I was able to finish my book. It was published in October (and republished in November!) I've sold about 60 copies since November, and I had my first book signing last week in North Carolina. That was cool.

Of course, I broke my leg in September, and that was the real reason I had the time to finish the book!

2009 had a tragic side, starting with two deaths in the family in January. My cousin Jimmy passed away unexpectedly, followed a few days later by Sandy's Dad. Our excitement over the new U.S. President was overshadowed by these sad events. But sadly, those would not be the only deaths this year. Sandy's Aunt Betty passed away in May, and my Aunt Lib died in July. Several long-time family friends also passed on, including two while I was visiting North Carolina for Christmas. I can't remember so many deaths in one year. I don't recall ever feeling so aware of my own mortality.

The economy sucked in 2009, but at least we have jobs - for now, at least.

Fortunately, we've both been around the block a time or two now, and long enough to see that life is a big cycle. It can't be good forever, and it can't be bad forever, either. The thing about a New Year is that you get a chance to start over, and that's why I'm excited about 2010. I'm going to shake the proverbial dust off my feet.

Adios, 2009: don't let the screen door hit you as you leave. Welcome, 2010! Welcome, New Decade!

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