Twitter surprise

I've been using Twitter for just over a year now and have been really fascinated with how it's used. Sure, people send messages to each other (what they're doing), but it's also used by companies to promote their products or services, by groups to promote events, and by individuals to share their thoughts on movies, music, trends, or whatever.

I try to "tweet" something everyday . . . not that anyone really cares, except for maybe the few friends of mine who are also on Twitter. Last week when I was reading the book On What Grounds, a cozy mystery about a murder in a Greenwich Village coffee house, I tweeted that I was reading the book and enjoying it so far. I didn't really think anything about it . . . after all, it was just one of my daily tweets.

Today, I got a Twitter message from the author, Cleo Coyle. It was a Reader Shout-Out and wishes for happy holidays. To me! How cool is that?!!

By the way, I *loved* the book, and have already ordered the next five books in the series (and this was before I got her message). For those of you who love mysteries and/or coffee, I hope you'll check this series out. Thanks to OWG, I can now use my screw-top espresso machine! Woo-hoo!

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