Hibernation mode

It's been very cold here in the Hoosierland this week. On Thursday, it was a mere 13 degrees (F) according to my car's digital thermometer. Today was warmer, and by tomorrow, it should be warm enough to get my car washed. I hope so, because it's horribly dirty.

Anyway, it's that sleepy time of year, when the sun doesn't come up before your alarm clock goes off in the mornings, and goes down long before you get home from work. By the time I get home, I'm totally wiped out from exhaustion! All I want to do is eat dinner, watch a little TV by the fireplace, and read in bed. I especially love the latter because I have a wonderful heated mattress pad that I can turn up to 6 or 7 and it gets the bed all cuddly and cozy. (Don't worry, I always turn it down to Lo - or maybe 1 - before I fall asleep.)

OK, I should write something more interesting here. I will. Maybe tomorrow. For now, I want to hibernate.

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