A room of one's own - sort of

With S's Mom now permanently back in Alabama, we've got the other half of the house back. We decided to keep the back room as a guest bedroom, so the question was: what should we do with the front room? I told Sandy that I used to dream of having a "library" - a cozy, warm room with bookshelves and wall art and comfortable seating where I could hang out with a book and a cup of tea or coffee. I've also wanted a room where I could bring my laptop and write my blog entries, book reviews, brilliant Facebook and Twitter updates (haha), and other creative works without distractions.

S, who probably should have been either an architect or an interior designer, has been trying hard to make my dream come true. Last weekend, we moved the massage chair, the futon, and my funky Sumo bean bag into the room. Today, S has been hanging pictures and tomorrow we'll add the bookshelves and books. We had our first "tea" this afternoon, and now I'm writing this from my "new" reading/writing room!

It's still a work in progress (isn't everything "under construction" - really?) but it's slowly becoming my favorite room in the house. Now, if only I could get some decent lighting in here . . . don't worry, S is on it. In fact, I think she's already narrowed down a few floor lamp choices from Lamps Plus. So it shouldn't be much longer before the reading/writing room is complete. I guess then, I'll really have no excuses for not writing that second book . . .

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